Electronic tax

14,000 tax returns to file

The clock is ticking for the thousands of Islanders who have yet to file their tax returns – with just ten days until the deadline.

On Tuesday, there were around 14,000 tax returns still to be submitted by Sunday July 31, with those who fail to do so risking a fine of up to £300.

The deadline for filing a 2021 tax return in paper format passed at the end of May, which means that anyone wishing to file their return on time must now complete it online.

Revenue Controller Richard Summersgill said those who failed to meet the deadline – and who ‘persisted’ in not filing their return for more than three months afterwards – could face separate fines of £50 in more than the original £300 penalty.

“It’s better to file early for all sorts of reasons – the danger of leaving it to the last minute, especially if people are doing it online, is that it can take a bit of time to navigate the system. So if people haven’t set up their digital ID, they have to set it up from time to time and file their case,” he said.

“There are a large number of people who defer to the last minute.

“It’s always best to get your tax notice as soon as possible as it can affect your ITIS rate,” he added.

Revenue Jersey had received 47,545 tax returns at the time of writing.

“There is a lot of follow-up work [if people don’t meet the deadline]because we have to figure out why people haven’t filed.

Details on filing the tax return online – which was first introduced as an option in 2020 – are available at gov.je.

The site also contains support information to solve the most common problems faced by taxpayers when filing their returns online.