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Acquire skills, knowledge to generate income, say single mothers

Rokiah Mahmoud

Members of the Single Mother Movement Association (PGIT) have been encouraged to acquire new knowledge and skills by joining programs and activities organized by government or private bodies that serve as platforms for them to generate income, thus improving their standard of living and independence.

The call was made by its Chairwoman, Norliha binti Haji Besar, in her welcome speech at her first Annual General Meeting at the Brunei Darussalam Scouts Association building in Kampong Mata-Mata yesterday.

The event saw the appointment of new members of the executive committee, who registered with the association. It also aimed to strengthen bonds between members comprising more than 100 single mothers across the country.

The special guest at the event, Girl Scout Headquarters Commissioner Hajah Nor Rahmat binti Sidin, said she hoped to see the association use the platform and opportunities available to achieve its goals.

She also called on members to continually learn new skills by participating in activities and programs.

She added that the hardworking spirit of the members is essential to ensure the success of the association.

Norliha said that since the establishment of PGIT, he has been actively involved in activities and organized several programs with huge impact on his members.

The assembly continued with the reports submitted by the president and the treasurer before concluding with the dissolution of the members of the executive committee and the announcement of the members for 2022-2024.

ABOVE AND BELOW: Norliha binti Haji Besar, President of the Single Mothers Movement Association (PGIT), and Hajah Nor Rahmat binti Sidin, Commissioner of Girl Scout Headquarters, speak at the annual general meeting. PHOTOS: ROKIAH MAHMUD