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Alabama’s Duty-Free Weather Preparedness Vacation Will Happen Next Weekend |

Alabama’s 11th Annual Weather Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday will take place next weekend.

The sales tax-free weekend, which includes everyday purchases of emergency supplies under $60 per item, will begin at midnight on Friday, Feb. 25 and run through Sunday, Feb. 27, according to the Department of Revenue. ‘Alabama.

Common emergency supplies include items that every home or business needs to prepare for a natural disaster or general emergency.

Examples of exempted items include batteries, cell phone batteries and chargers, self-powered or battery-powered portable radios including two-way radios and weather radios, self-powered portable light sources such as flashlights, lanterns or emergency glow sticks, plastic tarps and sheeting, duct tape, non-electric food storage containers and utensils, artificial ice or ice packs, self-contained first aid kits, fire extinguishers and detectors smoke, and other items.

Any portable generator and power cords purchased in one purchase with a sale price of $1,000 or less are also exempt, according to the Department of Revenue. A full list of exempt items and restrictions can be viewed online at revenue.alabama.gov.

The state’s site also lists participating counties and municipalities, including Lawrence County, Moulton and Town Creek, that have elected to participate in the duty-free holiday.

Visit alabamaretail.org/alabamasalestaxholidays for more information.