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Amazon opens its first clothing store with smart fitting rooms in Los Angeles

Amazon has extended its shopping service from the online world to the real world by opening physical retail stores in the United States. First, the American e-tailer opened a high-tech grocery store called Amazon Go in many cities across the United States. And now, Amazon has announced that it will open its first clothing and fashion store in the United States, dubbed Amazon Style. It will be the “the very first physical clothing store” by the e-commerce giant and allow buyers to digitally transfer physical products to test rooms or the checkout counter. Does this seem confusing to you? Read the full story for details.

Amazon Style Smart Clothing Store

Although Amazon has opened Amazon Go stores in various regions, the company has so far not had a physical store to sell clothing and fashion products. However, the Seattle giant is aiming to change that soon by opening its first clothing store at The Americana in the Brand mall in Los Angeles.

Similar to Amazon’s other retail stores, the Amazon Style POS will leverage the company’s digital shopping capabilities to provide a unique shopping experience for customers. For starters, customers will be able to use the Amazon Shopping app on their smartphones to send the products they like to the trial room to try them out or directly to checkout for billing.

Amazon says that customers will find unique QR codes on clothes that they can scan for details on product sizes, colors, and more. Scanned products will be saved in the Amazon app. After choosing the desired color and size of a product, a customer will be able to send the product to a test/fitting room to try it out. You can see the in-store feature in action in the official Amazon Style store promo video below.

In the video, we can see how the Amazon Shopping app can also send alerts to a customer whenever a trial room is preparing for a customer. The tryout room will also have a dedicated display using which customers can browse other items they might like and summon them to the dressing room. Functionality relies on Amazon’s AI algorithms which can choose and display similar products based on a customer’s existing product choices.

Amazon will open its first clothing store in Los Angeles;  Will come with smart in-store features

As for the products in the first Amazon Style store, the company says it will offer a wide variety of items, including trend-inspired fashion products, at affordable prices. Moreover, the store will be frequently updated with new products so that customers discover something new every week.

Now, coming to the opening, Amazon says that the Amazon Style store will be open at the aforementioned location later this year. The company, however, has not revealed an exact opening date at this time. So stay tuned for more updates and let us know your thoughts on the Amazon Style store in the comments below.