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Amazon’s Hidden Factory Store Has Thousands Of Kitchen Deals – Up To 69% Off

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Home cooks, rejoice! There are currently hundreds of great deals on kitchen appliances, cookware, tools, and more on Amazon. But if you try to find these awesome prices on the homepage, you might be browsing for a while. That’s because Amazon has a hidden outlet store filled with sales up to 69% off – and those deals are good.

While you can really find all of your kitchen staples on Amazon, getting them at a discounted price is definitely nicer. Whether you’re improving your pantry organization game or eating healthier with the right appliances, there are several popular kitchen essentials on sale this January, including bestsellers from Staub, Calphalon, and Chefman.

Yes, you read that right: Staub cookware is on sale in the Amazon store, including almost $ 100 off its popular cast iron casserole dish, perfect for delicious soups and stews. The good thing is that the casserole dish is extremely versatile: it can roast vegetables, bake bread and bake savory pies. And if you want to try steaming your food more, this Bella’s Digital Three-Tier Steamer can help. The small appliance allows you to steam several foods in separate compartments at the same time. And it’s on sale for just $ 29.

Do you prefer to cook rather than cook? You can stir and whip dough without straining your hand with this Cuisinart Cordless Hand Mixer that’s 50 percent off right now. It features five mixing speeds, a digital control panel, and battery-powered design, so you’re not limited to working close to the plug. For all that kneading and baking, you’ll want to consider a silicone baking mat like this that only costs $ 5. Buyers love to bake cookies in it and love that it even has convenient measures on top.

As with all of your storage needs, you’ll want to check out these refrigerator storage bins. You might have seen trash cans like this all over TikTok, and there’s a good reason for that. This set of nine allows you to have a place for everything like snacks, fruit, cold cuts and more. Need a place to store clean dishes while they are drying? This compact dryer will do the trick. There is a place for dishes, bowls, utensils and cups. Check it out while it’s at 30 percent off.

If you’d like to see what’s on sale, just head over to Amazon’s Outlet hub. But don’t wait too long, these offers won’t last.

Buy it! Cuisinart EvolutionX Cordless Hand Blender, $ 39.81 (Orig. $ 79.95); amazon.com

Buy it! Staub cast iron casserole dish, $ 204 (orig. $ 300); amazon.com

Buy it! Actor Silicone Pastry Mat, $ 5.39 (orig. $ 7.71); amazon.com

Buy it! Ouddy popsicle mold set, $ 6.29 (orig. $ 19.99); amazon.com

Buy it! Bella Three-Tier Digital Steamer, $ 29.05 (Orig. $ 41.54); amazon.com

Buy it! Chefman Electric Coffee Grinder, $ 30.90 (orig. $ 39.99); amazon.com

Buy it! Allwin-Houseware Silicone Kitchen Tongs, $ 10.19 (orig. $ 16.99); amazon.com

Buy it! Calphalon Precision SharpIn 13-Piece Nonstick Cutlery Set, $ 231.16 (Orig. $ 299.99); amazon.com

Buy it! Set of 9 Jcaeh refrigerator storage bins, $ 20.39 (orig. $ 29.98); amazon.com

Buy it! Shan Zu dish dryer, $ 32.19 (orig. $ 45.99); amazon.com