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Apple will change the prices of the App Store in Ukraine, Austria, etc.

Apple announced price changes on the App Store in a few regions on Wednesday. As apps will become more expensive in Ukraine and other countries, there are also countries, like Oman, where developer incomes will change due to adjusted taxes.

Apple typically readjusts the App Store prices to keep up with fluctuations in the international currency exchange rate as well as local taxes. The company detailed on its website the prices that are increasing in three regions this month due to new digital service charges.

  • Bahrain: Increase in value added tax from 5% to 10%
  • Ukraine: New 20% value added tax
  • Zimbabwe: New 5% digital services tax

The company points out that there are other regions where App Store prices will remain the same, but revenue will be adjusted to reflect changes in local taxes:

  • Bahamas: Decrease in value added tax from 12% to 10%
  • Oman: New 5% value added tax
  • Tajikistan: Decrease in value added tax from 18% to 15%

There are three other regions where there will be changes in revenue due to new local taxes. However, these changes will only affect eBooks, electronic publications, and audio books. You can view them in the list below:

  • Austria: Value added tax rate returned to 10% after temporary reduction to 5% for qualifying e-books and audiobooks
  • Latvia: Decrease in the rate of value added tax from 21% to 5% for eligible e-books and e-publications
  • Romania: Decrease in the rate of value added tax from 19% to 5% for eligible eBooks, audiobooks and electronic publications

Developers can find more details about the App Store price increase on the App Store Connect website.

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