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Apple’s App Store Could Release At Least 3,000 “Semi-Active” Apps In Latest Big Sweep/Digital Information World

We previously reported on how serious Apple is about taking down apps it deems inactive.

Now, another breaking report claims the tech giant is set to participate in a major sweep that pulls nearly 3,000 different apps that aren’t updated.

The estimate comes from Sensor Tower, a top intelligence firm which also confirmed how the move could potentially be a blow to many top developers.

Apple’s mega app cleanup came on the heels of Google telling all of its developers that downloads for outdated apps would be blocked.

That’s why we’ve seen many iOS developers take to social media, raising objections to how they received notices from Apple about their apps being removed.

A period of only 30 days has been granted and in case no update is seen, developers can expect to have their creations wiped out with immediate effect.

Sensor Tower recently conducted a survey of Apple’s apps and how the majority of those related to gaming, among other things, turned out to be outdated. To be exact, at least 2,966 apps were included.

Apple has yet to define what exactly they mean by deprecated apps, as many feel that a definite timeframe should be given so that developers can better understand whether their app should feel threatened or not.

Although the tech giant has a history of doing clean swipes for many of its apps, it tends to justify the behavior by adding that it’s solely for the benefit of users.

Many developers have come forward to claim that outdated apps don’t necessarily mean they’re no longer used. Instead, they make it clear how complete the product is and no longer needs any additions as they are widely used, as the creator intended.

An iOS developer by the name of Kosta Eleftheriou says Apple’s new policy is being applied unevenly. However, others made the case for Apple adding that whether it’s unfair or not, Apple at least has the decency to move forward with transparency and be up front with its developers from the start. .

It’s believed Apple won’t be enforcing the directive for a long time, but we can expect it to appear at regular intervals, and with even bigger swipes next time.

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