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Assistant Director of Digital Transformation job with Mount Green Housing Association

£ 60,000 – £ 70,000 a year

Role summary

Lead, manage and develop Mount Green’s Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) department by ensuring maximum performance through high-quality and cost-effective agreements, which are accountable to customers and stakeholders, as well as ” with the management team and the board of directors, ensuring that the service is in full compliance with applicable regulatory standards.

Drive the digital transformation strategic plan, including the implementation of flexible, innovative and modern working methods, and lead operational ICT for internal and external stakeholders.

Provide strong and inspiring leadership and direction to staff, facilitating a unique team culture within the company that delivers high performance while maintaining effective relationships with external and internal stakeholders.

Key tasks

Strategic planning and reporting

• Ensure the development, refinement and implementation of the ICT strategy and make the required improvements that will support the achievement of the goals of the business plan regarding digital transformation, including greater business efficiency through ICT and digital inclusion for residents and clients of Mount Green

• Contribute to Mount Green’s strategic drivers by participating as a full member of the Leadership Team (SLT) and ensure that the corporate plan goals, individual business unit plans and Mount values Green are effectively communicated to staff, then implemented and delivered

• Contribute and prepare reports to the management team, board of directors and its committees, including sharing up-to-date and emerging information on policies, new legislation, new directions and the latest good practices

• Effectively develop and control capital expenditure budgets for ICT, ensuring that they are consistent with overall strategic objectives, including a clear business case for investments covering costs, performance, support and future business needs

• Determine the annual IT plan and roadmap, ensuring that it is always linked to the overall organizational strategy and objectives, in close collaboration with department heads

Project management

• Develop and manage effective project plans and ensure that project budgets versus costs are effectively monitored and controlled, in accordance with agreed procedures

• Lead the delivery of specific digital transformation projects, which include the implementation of new housing management software, accounting software, migration to a cloud environment; delivered within agreed timeframes, quality standards, and that all risks are proactively addressed

• Point of contact with specific vendors, managing vendor relationships, training, and any systems development, including implementing or configuring additional housing management system functionality

• Establish and maintain supplier relationships and manage the purchase of hardware and software products and other professional services

Day-to-day operational

• Lead and support the provision, adequacy and availability of IT infrastructure, hardware, telephony, systems support, security and stability

• Work with other Assistant Directors to create and improve a new staff onboarding process for Mount Green

• Engage staff to embrace technological changes and inspire the entire company to support new ICT changes in line with the digital transformation strategy

• Ensure ICT systems comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other data privacy requirements and are robust to be able to manage information security risks, with appropriate policies in place and properly trained staff

• Ensure that there is a framework of ICT policies, internal controls and procedures in place to maintain system stability, business continuity, compliance with legal requirements and the achievement of the digital transformation strategy

• Lead the ongoing management of contracts for all ICT vendors and ensure that effective relationships are maintained to achieve day-to-day and longer-term strategic ICT outcomes

• Ensure compliance with all software license agreements. Manage and back up software media and associated licenses

• Make sure that all of your service areas have properly constituted budgets, including the compilation of realistic budgets with appropriate goals, activity levels and schedules to deliver the ICT service.

• Develop and maintain a good working relationship with key external stakeholders, including ICT service providers and suppliers

• Ensure that appropriate risk management policies, procedures and processes are in place for the provision of the ICT service.

• Ensure all relevant budgets are effectively monitored and controlled in accordance with agreed procedures, delegated authority levels and financial control / audit requirements and adhere to Mount Green financial regulations

Team management

• Manage and influence the performance of your staff to ensure expectations are clear, poor performance is addressed and strong performance is recognized.

• Recruit, develop, manage, motivate and set goals for IT staff, helping to meet current and future business needs

• Define team and individual SMART goals with KPIs that are consistent with Mount Green’s business plan, purpose, mission and values

Business partnership and others

• Actively engage with the business to understand service challenges and, where appropriate, formulate and deliver technological and co-created solutions

• Proactively build and build relationships, working with the leadership team and other key personnel to ensure the business has the right tools and infrastructure to improve efficiency, digital transformation of customer experience and improved back office functions

• Help provide the tools that help staff ensure residents have safe and enjoyable homes, estates and neighborhoods.

• Perform any other tasks that are consistent or proportionate to the role and as directed by the Director of Finance and Resources, the CEO and the Board of Directors.

• Embody the values, culture, purpose and mission of Mount Green.

• Promote and mainstream equality, diversity and inclusion as an integral aspect of the work for Mount Green, by leading by example.

We reserve the right to close these advertisements early if we are able to appoint the vacant position before the advertised closing date.

We are committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace and welcome applications from people of all backgrounds.