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Best Business Investments and How to Generate Passive Income

There are many ways to make money in GTA Online, but not all of them are equally easy. One way to generate solid passive income, which should mean you don’t depend on competing in competing fashions to pay for your new cars, is to invest in businesses. If you’re looking to turn your hundreds of thousands into millions, we’ve got the best places to look …

GTA Online’s Best Business Investments

Arcade – from GTA $ 1,235,000 to GTA $ 2,135,000

ARCADES – You can also play games with these!

The start-up cost of this investment is quite high, but it is well worth it. The cheapest arcade is GTA $ 1,235,000 – Pixel Pete’s in Paleto Bay. Having this will open Casino Heist which can earn three times as much for each race. This should net you around 2,000,000 GTA $ at a minimum, and then whatever is added is varied. You can also purchase the main terminal for the arcade which should allow you to run all your businesses from one location, although it will cost you around 1,400,000 GTA $.

Warehouse – 250,000 GTA $ to 3,500,000 GTA $

ENTREPT – This one is a bit of work …

If you are playing alone, investing in a warehouse might be the best option for you. You can purchase a warehouse from your CEO’s office and choose from a small, medium, or large warehouse. These come with varying daily costs and varying profit margins – however, going for the larger warehouse is usually the best option.

You can sell nine crates in total as a single player at any one time and that should net you 126,000 GTA $ – however, you can pick up these crates for 2,000 GTA $ each so that the profit margin is clear. You will be able to earn 108,000 GTA $ for every new one you sell. Interestingly, you can earn more per crate depending on the size of your warehouse and what upgrades you’ve purchased. If you have a large warehouse, you can earn up to 2,200,000 GTA $ for a full shipment of 111 cases.

Bunker – GTA $ 1,165,000 to GTA $ 2,375,000

BUNKERS – Looking for new weapons? We have what you need

If you are looking to get into gun smuggling, the Bunker is one of the business investments you should be looking for in GTA Online. Opening access to this will also open access to a whole new range of special weapons and ammo types. It should be noted that this investment is best for those who play with friends, however – there is a lot of work to be done to get the final payout.

When you start to fill the progress bar, you should know that a half stock bar should require two deliveries, while a full bar should require four deliveries. You can earn around 1,000,000 GTA $ with a full delivery quota with an upgraded bunker.

This is just a small selection of the businesses available in GTA Online at the moment – you can purchase a Vehicle Warehouse, Coke Lock Up, and even a Motorcycle Club (TM)! All of these have money making chances and having more under your belt means you will generate more passive income. We expect Rockstar Games to invest more in GTA Online in the future too.