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Carters applies RFID to store-level inventory

The largest manufacturer of branded children’s clothing / accessories in the United States closely monitors the flow of inventory in its stores.

Carters deployed the Nedap iD Cloud platform to all of its stores in the United States in August 2021. The goal of this enterprise RFID deployment is to improve overall inventory accuracy, resulting in omnichannel sales growth, increased sales and operational efficiency.

By leveraging Nedap iD Cloud, Carters brings together all item-level Electronic Product Code (EPC) inventory data and unique item lifespan history in one place, with the goal of creating perfect visibility of stocks throughout its supply chain thanks to the use of RFID technology.

As a result, Carters intends to improve product availability, which will result in less markdowns, less waste and higher profitability. The company can also use RFID product tracking to support its BOPIS program, first launched in 2019.

With personalized support from Nedap, Carter completed deployment of the RFID solution to more than 750 stores in three months.

Sportswear company Under Armor is also deploying the Nedap iD Cloud RFID inventory visibility platform at 400 of its owned and operated stores around the world. The goal of the first phase of the company’s RFID deployment is to lay a scalable, both operational and technological foundation for the program and achieve accurate inventory visibility in Under Armor retail stores.

As a result, Under Armor aims to achieve optimized item availability and efficiencies in key day-to-day processes. Goals for future phases of RFID are to improve Under Armor’s real-time view of inventory in stores, enhance operational efficiency, leverage RFID to drive innovation in experiences consumers and identify opportunities to leverage RFID across the company’s supply chain. Specifically, Under Armor seeks to create a smoother and more connected shopping experience across all of its consumer touch points.

“With RFID, we can make a wider assortment of inventory available to our customers opting for in-store or curbside pickup,” said Andrew Tashiro, senior director of omnichannel at Carter’s.In addition to improving the customer experience, better inventory management through RFID is an important tool in increasing the profitability of our retail business. The ability to host our data here in the United States and be supported locally was critical to our deployment. Ultimately, the scalability of the platform which allowed us to easily connect existing systems and quickly access accurate inventory data led to the decision to choose Nedap iD Cloud.

“We are really excited to be working with such an iconic brand,” said Ailen Li, director of iD Cloud Platform, North America, Nedap. “Founded in 1865, Carter’s has an even stronger legacy than our company, as Nedap has been around since 1929. To stay relevant over so many decades, you need a long-term strategy, but you also need to be able to innovate across the board. need to meet the needs of modern consumers in our daily reality. With such deep roots, there is a lot of synergy between the two companies and this has been a solid starting point for building a successful partnership. “