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Cashback Community Store™ Online Shopping Cashback 3.0

Earn cashback when your friends buy more, when their friends buy too!

Cashback Community Store is an international gateway for international online shoppers to access the two most popular online vendors to access or create their account. With a twist!

Life just got better for online shoppers who want to find the brands and best prices they always buy or search for online. When you refer family and friends to join the Crowd Funded Cashback Community™ store using Cashback Community Store to access their account to make purchases, you earn cashback. Plus, when they refer their friends, you both earn cashback.

Is this the next big thing in cashback programs for online purchases?

The folks at Cashback Community Store say that “Anyone can shop using Cashback Community Store to access the goods and services they always buy, but only members who refer people who also shop using Cashback Community Store earn crowdfunded cashback referral commissions™.”

There is never a charge to join the Crowd Funded Cashback community; and there is no limit on the number of people you can refer and there is no limit on the amount of crowdfunded cashback you can earn.

But wait, there’s more, you also earn crowd-funded referral commissions on the purchase of your indirect referrals for an additional 5 levels. That’s a total of 6 degrees of crowdfunded cashback referral commissions.

Invite your contacts on social networks around the world!

Cashback Community Store™ “Where when your referred members buy, you earn cashback!”

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Company Name: Michael E. Jordan Group
Contact person: Michael E Jordan
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Call: 6628078670
Country: United States
Website: https://www.cashbackcommunitystore.com/