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Chicago’s Upscale Convenience Store Concept Looks Nashville | Retail

Chicago-based Foxtrot Market, a high-end convenience store concept that offers 30-minute delivery and five-minute pickup services with a mix of digital and in-store, is targeting several cities in which to expand, including Nashville.

The announcement comes as the company also noted that it had landed a $ 100 million Series C financing led by New York-based D1 Capital Partners. This brings the total funding for Foxtrot, which was founded in 2014 by Mike LaVitola and Taylor Bloom, to $ 160 million.

Since launching approximately eight years ago, originally as a digital-only delivery service, Foxtrot Market has opened 16 physical stores in Chicago, Dallas, and Washington, DC. in the Back Bay neighborhood of Boston, in Austin (both in South First and The Drag) and in Chicago at Willis Tower and Tribune Tower and near Wrigley Field.

In 2023, Foxtrot will continue to expand into other markets including New York, Nashville and Miami, while simultaneously expanding its presence in current markets.

According to media reports (read here), Foxtrot targets upscale neighborhoods with residences in search of prepared foods, artisanal beer and wine, as well as specialty coffee and tea. Its non-food and beverage offerings include candles, incense, gift cards, and flowers.

“As we emerge from the pandemic and our lives continue to normalize after two difficult and eye-opening years, we expect retail and hospitality to become increasingly important in creating a sense of community and foster discovery in a world that has lacked this experience for some time, ”LaVitola, co-founder and CEO of the company, said in the release. “With this new funding round, we will continue to accelerate the expansion of our physical presence, enter new and emerging markets and double our focus on new store formats that meet consumer demand for a immersive programming and a highly organized assortment. “

Foxtrot Market officials could not be reached for comment on which Nashville districts they might consider.