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COVID-19 waiver upon completion of FNS income certification

Mecklenburg County, North CarolinaSince the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many households receiving NC food and nutrition services (FNS), or food stamps, have not been required to recertify their financial, family and living circumstances. , etc. But from this month, some families whose FNS benefits were automatically extended during the pandemic will have to complete this recertification to continue receiving their benefits.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), which administers the FNS program, granted an exemption from May 2020 to allow these households to receive their benefits without recertification. The intention was to ease the burden on Mecklenburg County families during the pandemic and to promote social distancing. The exemption applied to households that received their benefits within a “six month” certification period.

USDA has now announced that automatic extensions from January. 1, 2022, can only apply to households that have not been enlarged previously. As a result, many households that were previously exempt from recertification and have had their benefits automatically extended for six months must now submit their information.

Any household whose certification period ends in January 2022 must receive a recertification form in the mail from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. The form must be completed and returned to the Mecklenburg County Social Services Department by mail, fax or in person by January 1.
. 15, 2022.

  • Visit AllAccess.MeckNC.govto submit documents or request benefits.

  • Drop in person:

    • Wallace Kuralt Center, 301 Billingsley Road, Charlotte, NC 28211

    • Community Resource Center, 3205 Freedom Drive, Suite 1000, Building A, Charlotte, NC 28208

  • Fax form at 704-353-1326.

If the recertification form is not returned by January 15, the SNSF services could be delayed or terminated.

Food and Nutrition Services is a federal food assistance program that provides low-income families with the food they need for nutritionally adequate nutrition. The services are issued via electronic service transfer cards (EBT cards). For more information or to apply for benefits, visit the Mecklenburg County Food and Nutrition Services webpage.