Electronic income

Electronic revenue management, I like it

The law therefore wants restrictions on the spending of gang members with children.

Electronic revenue management, I like it.

If a parent on welfare repeatedly fails to feed their children while wasting their benefits on vices, they would face the same restrictions.

No longer a cash payment at the bank, but a strictly controlled payment card, where the purchase of alcohol, tobacco and games is blocked.

But it could go much further. This measure could in fact make a huge difference in tackling the parody of able-bodied and working-age people who become long-term beneficiaries of assistance to jobseekers.

Limit their freedom to spend their allowance as they see fit, if they fail to meet their work exam obligations, fail to show up for job interviews, or refuse to accept a suitable job offer.

Because overall the trend lines are bleak, with dependence on the state continuing to swell.

You will recall that at the end of last week, Carmel Sepuloni celebrated the decline in the number of beneficiaries.

Ten thousand fewer people benefit from Help for Jobseekers, compared to three months ago. But while Carmel is happy about this drop, which was welcome, it’s actually a small beer overall.

I analyzed the numbers from MSD datasets and here is the full story.

Currently, one hundred and ninety thousand people benefit from Assistance for Job Seekers and most are classified as Ready to Work. This represents six point one percent of the working age population.

Four years ago that number was 120,000 people. Four point one percent of the working age population.

Thus, the number of people parked unemployed, under Labor, has exploded by more than fifty percent. They have oversized the state of addiction.

But this is where it gets worse.

They have almost doubled the number of jobseeker assistance recipients, who have been unemployed for twelve months or more. One hundred and eighteen thousand of them, despite record vacancies and monstrous labor shortages.

Electronic revenue management may just be the sting, the wake-up call that the welfare state needs.