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Epic Games Store Making Borderlands 3 free could be a good sign of things to come

Steam has been the dominant PC gaming platform for nearly two decades, and so Epic Games Store had to be aggressive to attract users. The main way the Epic Games Store has convinced PC gamers to use its service on Steam is by guaranteeing timed exclusivity offers, but another way it does this is by regularly giving away free games. The Epic Games Store is giving away free games every week with no strings attached beyond needing to use the Epic Game Store launcher to play them.


The way Epic Games Store free games usually work is that Epic notifies users of upcoming free games a week in advance. That way, when Epic Games Store users go to claim the latest free games, they can see what’s coming next week and make a plan to come back and claim those games as well. However, there are times when Epic deviates from this, especially when it launches one of its free mystery game promotions.

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To help promote Epic Games Store sales, Epic is running special mystery game promotions. The idea is that curiosity will get the most out of Epic Games Store users, and so they’ll be coming back to the Epic Games Store every week to see what the new mystery game has in store. With the latest iteration of the Epic Mega Sale now live, Epic Games has brought back its free mystery game promotion, giving away one free mystery game for the duration of the sale.

Epic Games Store Free Games for May 2022

Epic Games kicked off this year’s Epic Mega Sale by giving away a loot shooter Borderlands 3 free. For the uninitiated, Borderlands 3 is the latest mainline series entry in the highly popular Gearbox Software Borderlands franchise. Most of the games offered by the Epic Games Store are indie titles or generally lesser known than Borderlands 3that is why BL3 Being free on the Epic Games Store is exciting even though it’s a few years old at this point.

Those who have claimed free games from the Epic Games Store regularly should have an almost complete collection of Borderlands games available to play on their PC now. Previously, Epic Games Store offered Borderlands: the beautiful collectionwhich includes Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. It is possible the other Borderlands the games will be offered for free through the Epic Games Store at some point, but plans to do so have not been announced at the time of this writing.

Borderlands 3 Being the Epic Games Store’s first free mystery game for the latest promotion sets the bar high, and while there’s a chance the rest of the mystery games will be disappointing, it could also very well be a sign of things to come. .

Epic Games Store Next Free Mystery Game

Traditionally, the Epic Games Store kicks off its Epic Mega Sale free mystery game promotion with a big-budget title, but then tones things down over the following weeks. It’s possible it could happen again, but it’s also possible that Epic Games will be more aggressive this year. Either way, fans will have a much better idea of ​​what Epic Games intends to do with this latest free games promotion once the next mystery game is revealed on Thursday, May 26 at 10:00 a.m. CT.

So far, there have been no leaks regarding the next Epic Games Store mystery game, but there are theories. One of the prevailing theories is that the next Epic Games Store mystery game will be sleeping dogs, based on a teaser image, but that remains to be seen. Really until Epic Games itself decides to reveal what the next Epic Games Store mystery game is, all fans can do is speculate on its identity.

As for how many mystery games there will be, that’s also not 100% clear at this time. The mystery games are set to continue throughout the Epic Mega Sale, which is set to end on June 16. That means Epic Games Store users can likely expect free games this Thursday, May 26, and then again on June 2 and June 9. It’s possible that there will be a final mystery game offered on June 16 to close out the sale, but it’s also possible that that day marks the return of the Epic Games Store to its usual business. Fans will have a much clearer idea of ​​what to expect when June 9 rolls around, because that’s when the June 16 Epic Games Store free-to-play will be announced for the first time.

Regardless of what happens with the latest Mystery Games promotion, Epic Games Store users can expect the free games to keep coming. The Epic Games Store’s free games will continue for the rest of 2022, and while most won’t be mystery games, there should still be plenty of free games for fans to add to their digital libraries.

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