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GameStop in store PS5 restocking confirmed for tomorrow – here are which stores will have stock

If you’re hoping to score a PS5 restock to kick off the New Year, you’re in luck. GameStop is preparing to host a PS5 in-store restock this week. This will be the retailer’s first PS5 console release in 2022.

News of this replenishment originally arrived via @ PS5restocks_etc on Twitter, and the denunciation was subsequently corroborated by reliable trackers, including Matt swider and Jake Randall, before GameStop itself confirms that a store delivery should indeed take place in some locations on Friday, January 14.

The GameStop website now includes a note announcing that “PS5 packs will be available in select stores on 1/14/21” and there’s even a handy store locator tool, which tells you exactly which stores will have stock tomorrow. Make sure to check that your local branch is participating in the deposit before you go.

This in-store replenishment will likely start from every store opening hour (which could be as early as 8 a.m. local time) – but expect impatient shoppers to start lining up for the console a lot more. sooner than that. You’ll want to stock up on coffee and leave early if you’re hoping to secure a machine in that replenishment.

As is now the norm with GameStop PS5 restockings, the console will only be available in pre-built bundles. These packages will likely contain PS5 games, additional controllers, digital credit, and a GameStop gift card. GameStop always charges the combined retail price of the items in its bundles, so you won’t experience at least one price increase.

While some previous GameStop store replenishments were open to everyone, this latest replenishment event will be held exclusively for PowerUp Reward Pro members. Make sure to register now in advance. If you are not a Pro member, you will likely be denied the option to purchase a console upon restocking.

If your nearest GameStop isn’t participating in this in-store PS5 replenishment, or you prefer to purchase your console online, be sure to check out our PS5 replenishment hub for the latest updates. We can’t guarantee you a machine, but it will help make the job of finding a next-gen console a bit more manageable.

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