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GameStop’s NFT store is live, some NFTs priced at millions of dollars

GameStop, which recently laid off a number of employees, including content creators at Game Informer and store employees, has just launched its NFT marketplace.


GameStop’s NFT Market is now live, and as you’d expect, the online storefront has wildly varying selling prices for its non-fungible digital tokens. The GameStop NFT store is in beta stage, but already has over 53,000 NFTs with widely varying redemption costs, with some commanding what can only be seen as joke prizes.

Some NFTs have been listed for several million dollars – and one NFT, MetaBoy #4522, is marked up to 2 million ETH or around $2 billion (which must be a troll price). When ranked by most expensive price, the top five pages of GameStop’s NFT Marketplace have million-dollar NFTs. In fact, no NFT in the first five pages is listed under $1,000,000.

GameStop's NFT Store Goes Live, Some NFTs Cost $2 Million |  TweakTown.com

At the other end of the spectrum, on the more credible side, NFTs are more affordable at sub-dollar levels. The cheapest NFT, the Self-titled Affordable NFTcosts $0.53.

At this moment the NFT MetaBoy are the most popular assets on the storefront with a total volume of 514.5 ETH (or $535,326) and 4.3,000 transactions.

GameStop's NFT Store Goes Live, Some NFTs Costing Millions 1 |  TweakTown.com

The most expensive NFTs listed on the GameStop NFT market yesterday, compared to today (see above).