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Gaston County Career Fair Hopes to Alleviate Labor Shortage and Help Local Cause

A job fair held next week will provide a range of opportunities for job seekers and support a local cause.

Austin Rammell, Venture’s senior pastor, said he organized the fair after hearing from business leaders that they were struggling to find employees.

The career fair will be held Jan. 18 from 3 to 8 p.m. at 800 E. Main St., Dallas.

Rammell was fundraising for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Grand Gaston, an organization his church supports, when he learned of the issue.

“So I call these companies all the time asking for money. In the meantime, these companies are dying trying to get employees, so I hear story after story after story after story of companies that we get to know.” , did he declare. “So we just thought, let’s be the tool that brings the two entities to the table.”

A variety of employers from different industries have registered to participate in the Dare to Venture Career Expo, and the proceeds from the fair – which are generated by the fees companies pay to participate – will go to Boys and Girls Clubs, that offer affordable deals. child care and programs for disadvantaged children.

This file photo from April 22, 2014, shows a job application form on a table at a career fair.

“We have a wide variety of people coming in, government jobs,… looking for management type people, food service type people.… It will be a wide variety of employment opportunities,” said Rammell. “I’ve never heard of any TV commercials trying to hire people. But there is an onslaught of companies spending money on advertising not to sell their product but to get people to come. to work. It’s an incredible opportunity for people right now to make a move. “

The church will buy a dinner for people who come to the fair and apply for jobs, Rammell said.

“I think this is just a great opportunity for employers to get involved and for people in the community to really have opportunities to grow, grow their business, and advance their personal finances.”