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Google Updates Play Store Rules to Protect Kids, But Will These Restrictions Actually Help? / World of digital information

At this point, it has become clear that there is no way to prevent children from accessing the Internet, because this is the kind of thing that could end up harming them by preventing them from accessing information about the world. Despite this being the case, there is a lot of content online as well as various apps that kids shouldn’t be allowed to use until they’re older, and Google is trying to take that into account. in its Play Store rules.

The tech giant has just updated its Play Store rules and added new restrictions as part of the Developer Program Policy initiative. With all of that said and now out of the way, it’s important to note that while this may require app developers to remove their apps from the store if deemed unsuitable for children, apps may remain in regions. where their content is not considered inappropriate.

Google is clearly trying to differentiate its rules based on the cultures and traditions of specific places around the world, and this has created a bit of a disparity with all that has been considered and considered. For example, Telegram has an 18+ rating in Germany to prevent children from using it, but the UK has no such restrictions, opting instead for a disclaimer meant to educate parents. , thus leaving it in their hands instead of acting on a wide-level platform.

Some call it a good move and a much-needed update to a Play Store that quickly started becoming unsafe for kids. Others say it complicates things unnecessarily and that while Google plans to let regions set their own guidelines, they shouldn’t force app developers to comply with their own restrictions as well. App developers have a 30-day grace period to delete their apps or update them, otherwise they will be automatically deleted, which could be a real blow.

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