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Tuition, books, dining out, dating, clothing, and adult activities make saving money difficult. Also if you think about it, how hard is it to fit into social life, kids – if you have any – oh, and studies, if you’re trying to find a job or extra work just to make ends meet ?

There are ways to add extra income while you go about your normal day. I’m here to spread the word about some apps that will let you add a few extra bucks for gas or maybe even a gift card or two to that store you wish you could afford to go to. So take note. Buckle up and pay attention to a few tips that will help you earn and save money.

I’m sure many of you have added extensions to your computers like Rakuten. This extension can give you great deals on items you already buy online. So if you haven’t added it and are shopping online, you should. The other extension to look into is Honey. Honey searches the internet for the best deals and gives you discount codes to use when you make a purchase. Discounts on items you purchase come at checkout and you should see the money flowing in right away.

Having a few extra bucks is great and adds up easily without you even doing much. True, you will need to have a smartphone with Android or IOS systems to do this extra dough and it will take some time to accumulate the funds, but it will happen.

Here is a list of apps that you can download and then you can see which ones you think are doable.

Without further ado, here is the list: CoinOut, Fetch Rewards, Shopkick, Dosh, Receipt Hog, Ibotta, Tada, and Pago. I’m sure there are more, but in the last two years I’ve earned enough to give gift cards as gifts and it hasn’t cost a dime. Without even thinking about it, I earned a little extra money and it was enough to afford me a little splurge.

CoinOut: Scan all receipts and earn pennies that add up before you know it. Pay attention at the top of the app – you can also earn by adding your email address or primary account number. When you reach $20, you can cash out. So make sure you never throw away receipts without scanning them first.

Collect rewards: Previously, you could only scan receipts from grocery stores, but one positive aspect of the pandemic is that you can scan any receipt. An additional feature of Fetch Rewards is that you can earn extra points by purchasing certain items at certain times. With Fetch Rewards, you can donate from your points, get gift cards, and even pay into your Paypal account.

Kick: Do you shop at Walgreens, Target or Aldi? Just to name a few of the many stores where you can earn points just by entering, scanning items or, if you buy them, you score more points. Like some of the other apps, you have the opportunity to save your Shopkick points and win bigger prizes.

Dosh: When was the last time you ordered or delivered takeout on UberEats? Would you like to get some money back? You won’t get the items for free, but it will add up and there will be a time when you can shop online at say Macy’s and you will earn 3% back. Again, this may not seem like a lot, but it is or it can be.

How about $1,000 more? I did and I’m sure I missed a few receipts along the way. It takes time and effort, but both of these are minimal and could potentially help you with unexpected things. I tried all of these apps and had no problems. Results may vary, but honestly, it’s worth the little effort to earn some extra cash or gift cards. I even just got a year’s subscription to one of my favorite magazines just because it was my birthday.

So try these apps and if you know of any others, let me know in the comments. Happy shopping and happy scanning. Also keep an eye out for my article on what your extra earning potential could be with Mercari, Poshmark, OfferUp, PangoBooks, Etsy, eBay, and Amazon, to name a few.