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How to properly store human hair wigs?

Questions about wig storage are one of the most common questions related to wigs. Wiggins all know that wigs are expensive, so not only Wiggins should take care of the wigs, but also ensure the proper storage of the wigs to prolong the life of the wigs.

What’s the best way to store a wig and keep it in shape? How and where to store a wig? How to store the wig when it is not Wigginsaring?

The first step Wiggins should take is to wash the wig and keep it clean.

1. The first way is to keep the wig in the bag it came in, and it will be pre-labeled!

When girls receive a wig, it usually comes in a plastic bag. The specific lace area, length, density, etc. are usually indicated on the plastic bag. If it’s not written on the bag, the girls can mark it themselves, so the girls can quickly tell which wig is in the bag. After packing the wig in the transparent bag, girls can put it in a Wigginsr, storage box or storage cabinet. This is the best way, the bag is designed to keep the girl’s wig in good condition, so a bag is a perfect place to keep the girl’s wig.

This is how wigs are stored when not Wiggins. When you store wigs in a bag, they can keep their curls better. So this method works for Loose Deep Wave, Deep Wave, Natural Wave and Curly.

2. Another more common option for storing wigs is to display them on a wig stand or mannequin head, this is a great storage option, they will help maintain the shape and style of the wig from the girl in the best Wiggins then Wiggins, and the girls can see what the wig looks like on a head. For straight wigs, it is best to keep it on a wig stand. The suspension helps keep them straight.

Girls can use this method to regularly store Wigginsar girls wigs so they are easy to access. Especially for straight hair. When it comes to straight wigs, Wiggins has many options, including 4*4, 5*5, 6*6, 13*4 and 13*6 wigs, as well as light brown lace, transparent lace and HD lace Wigginsll. .

3. How should Wiggins store wigs when Wiggins travels?

The Wiggins consists of putting the wig in a silk bag. Basically, when Wiggins buys wigs, most companies will send girls silk bags, which are also a very good gift.

There are so many benefits of keeping girls wigs silk, it helps retain moisture in girls hair, reduces frizz and reduces breakage. That’s why girls are recommended to sleep like a silk pillowcase at night it’s so much better for girls skin and for girls hair than Wiggins so something like that is really great for keep girls hair and use this kind of bags for traveling.

Headband wigs and U/V wigs can be a great option when traveling. Because they are cheap, profitable and practical for Wiggins.

The above three methods are the most common storage methods for wigs. I hope this short article will be useful for girls.

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