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I found out I had been kicked out of my job after HR accidentally CC’d me an email explaining why I wasn’t good enough

A HURT job seeker has told how he found out he had been rejected from a position after the company’s HR accidentally copied it in an email.

To make matters worse, the email contained a discussion of why he was not good for the job.


The Tiktoker shared a screenshot of the emailCredit: TikTok/@noveltygay’
Alexander explained that he applied for the job in December


Alexander explained that he applied for the job in DecemberCredit: TikTok/@noveltygay’

Job seeker Alexander shared the story on TikTok and wrote in the clip’s caption, “Yeah breakups hurt and all but have you ever been CC’d on any HR emails explaining why they don’t want to hire you?”

The Tiktoker also attached a screenshot of the email where one person wrote, “I tried to interview this guy before and he never showed up. [for] this.”

To which another employee replied, “Well, that’s interesting. OK, so let’s dismiss it.”

Alexander explained that he had applied for the coffee company many times in the past, but it never worked out.

The last time he applied was in December and he received an email that the company would send him the interview times.

But the Tiktoker says he never heard from them and thinks they felt like they responded with the timeline.

“The message has been delivered and that’s the last I heard from them,”

“They supposedly sent me an hour interview but I never got it. It wasn’t my fault and it was a trigger for me.

“I would never make a no-show at an interview.”

Other Tiktokers wanted to know if he replied to the chain of emails that Alexander said he was driving when he received the email. His answer was therefore a simple “Ouch”.

He added: “The second email I told them I applied and interviewed in April and tried to interview in December but got nothing on that. “

He also attached screenshots of previous conversations to show that he was in fact in contact with the company and awaiting interview times.

The Tiktoker concluded that the company “has fallen silent” and he has given up on pursuing this role.

Most Tiktokers sympathized with one, saying, “It’s a cafe…it’s not worth that energy.”

Another said: ‘Company texting you for job interview hours? Immediate red flag.’

Someone wrote, “I know they’re nice. What kind of hiring manager doesn’t take a few moments to remove the candidate/make sure the conversation stays private?”

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And one added “The company is clearly run by incompetent people. Do you really want to work there?

“Imagine HR screwing up your paycheck and trying to fix it.”

He said he never heard from the company


He said he never heard from the companyCredit: TikTok/@noveltygay’