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It’s not our job to create the next revolution, but my daughter will.

As a member of Nirvana, Dave Grohl saw his bandmate Kurt Cobain being called the voice of a generation. Grohl has enjoyed quite a bit of success in his own Foo Fighters right front, but when it comes to being a “generational voice” that sparks the next musical revolution, he thinks it’s not something he’s left with. to do now. But he’s confident enough that his teenage daughter Violet could be part of the next generation to create her own revolution.

Violet joined Foo Fighters on tour and sang with her dad on a cover of X’s “Nausea” for the past few years. By speaking with MSNBC’s Ari Melber (as seen below) he says, “She’s the most talented musician this family has ever known” and credits her thirst for musical investigation and discovery.

He told Melber, “She looks like a punk rock kid listening to Joni Mitchell. So it’s kind of like a punk rock Joni Mitchell. And when I see that, what I see is this mutation, this change , this growth and this progression that his generation, it’s the rock stars now, it’s not old people like me, it’s not people like Kanye [West]. It’s this generation. Give it five or 10 years, give it three or four years and you’ll see how this mutation happens.”

He adds: “When we go on stage, what I love about our big concerts is that I can join everyone in a giant choir, whether it’s a song like ‘My Hero’ or ‘Best of You ‘, ‘Everlong’, ‘Learning to Fly’, whatever. When we play these songs, 100,000 people are going to sing along and there aren’t too many things in life that bring these people together like that. different backgrounds, politics, religion, whatever it is, when you play a song that everyone sings, it’s a huge energy and it’s awesome.”

That said, he comments, “So I don’t think it’s our job as a band to create some kind of revolution. It’s to bring everyone together in those times. That’s the job of my daughter to create this next revolution and I believe she will.”

Grohl has championed a new generation of musicians who have made an impact on the music scene, likening rising star Billie Eilish’s rise to what it was when Nirvana experienced its breakout in the 90s. He also claimed that former drum battle partner Nandi Bushell is “as inspiring as any Beatles record, any Zeppelin record, any AC/DC record, any what a Stones record”.

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