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JCI helps Justin find a job he loves

Justin (photo added)

“Having a job gives me meaning for my future”

SMITHFIELD – Have you ever thought about working where you can be in the environment you love? Well, Justin did and is!

Justin was referred JCI vocational rehabilitation for individual placement and supported employment because of his need for assistance with mental health services. He received benefits for an extended period where he worked a few different jobs.

While working with his JCI employment specialist, they visited GameStop to discuss employment opportunities. Working at GameStop was the perfect match for Justin as his main hobby is playing video games.

He started a seasonal position, which allowed him to experience working in his chosen field, and it also allowed him to prove himself to management. When a permanent position became available, he applied and was hired because of his business interest and good work ethic.

“I’m a guest associate at GameStop. I have been there for three years, but I worked there for a seasonal position which ended, then I was rehired a year later, on a permanent contract. I am learning to communicate with customers and to operate the cash register. I’m also learning how to upgrade people to pro subscriptions and game guarantees.

My favorite part of the job is when we install new systems, and I’m responsible for bringing the systems out from the back for display. I also love talking with customers and having simple conversations about games, and oh yeah, I love my co-workers. We talk about video games, and we joke too.

Having a job gives me importance for my future. One day, if I change jobs, I can use what I learned at GameStop and JCI. I still need to practice my communication skills, and this job helps me do that,” Justin said.

“Working with Justin; he’s dedicated, outgoing, and has a real passion for gaming and anime,” Tyler Carter, Assistant Manager, GameStop.

“Justin graduated from The JCI IPS Program but continues to receive help from self-help peer support services. He no longer needs employment assistance. He has experienced phenomenal growth since joining the IPS program several years ago. He was able to get and keep his dream job, get an apartment, improve his health, and continue his mental health recovery,” Savannah Palmisano, IPS Employment Supervisor, JCI Behavioral Health Services.

-JCI Press Release