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Jessica Devin loved the Brewster Bookstore as a child. Now she owns it.

Growing up among aisles and stacks of books, the Brewster Bookstore has always held a special place in Jessica Devin’s heart.

Originally opened almost 40 years ago by family friend Nancy Landon, when the opportunity to become the official owner presented itself last summer, Devin jumped at the chance.

“They (the Landons) were such close friends growing up; my mom worked there, my aunt, so it’s always been a special place for me, ”said Devin.

Along with his partner Sue O’Malley, Devin took possession of the original local bookstore known for its personal atmosphere in October.

“It was really just a combination of things that came together at the right time, but it was an opportunity we just couldn’t pass up,” she said.

The Brewster Bookstore is under a new owner.

Admitting that the independent bookstore industry has been hit hard by the rise of e-readers and Amazon, Devin said it was his knowledge of the bookstore and its local appeal that sparked his interest as as owner.

“I couldn’t imagine having to do it without this knowledge,” she said,

Even so, the learning curve as an owner has been steep, Devin said.

“I had the advantage of seeing the store from both sides, as a customer, and from the inside as an employee. We also have amazing staff in place who have figured out how to remotely meet the needs of our customers who really made a difference during the pandemic. We really have an amazing team working here at the store, ”she said.

Special orders

Showcasing books from a number of local authors, the store is known to fill special orders for books they may not have in stock, which will continue under new owners.

Growing up in Brewster, attending Nauset High School, Devin lives and teaches off Cape Town at Cushing Academy, but tries to come down as often as possible.

“It makes me very happy to hear customers say how special the store has been to them over the years, and I hope to continue to do so. “

Signature of Jacquelyn Mitchard’s book

Along with their event co-sponsor, Snowy Owl Cafe, Brewster Bookstore will host a book signing and reading session by local bestselling author Jacquelyn Mitchard for her new book, “The Good Son,” on January 20, from 6 to 8 p.m.

After reading an advanced copy of “The Good Son,” Devin described it as a story about a mother / son relationship.

Jacquelyn Mitchard lives on Cape Cod with her husband and nine children.

“I couldn’t let go, I tore it up,” she said, describing the tone of the book as good for anyone from their late teens to grandparent age.

To reserve a spot at the Advanced Reading Event, visit online at https://brewsterbookstore.com/ or call The Brewster Book Store at 508-896-6543.