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JJ’s Vinyl releases exclusives and DJ tracks for Record Store Day 2022

JJ’s Vinyl is hosting a killer Record Store Day 2022 event at their Chelsea Heights store, complete with a bunch of special releases and DJ Brett Wolfie.

Variety has always been a major strength of JJ’s Vinyl, so with loads of Record Store Day discounts and exclusive titles on offer, they’re always a top destination on vinyl collectors’ day.

This year, Record Store Day celebrates its 15th year of distributing the top format and falls on April 23, where Melbourne vinyl lovers descend on JJ’s on Wells Road in Chelsea Heights. There you can find exclusive tracks from record supplier Record Store Day, stacks of new and used vinyl, discounted items and music from Wolfie, curated by Melbourne Record Club.

What do you want to know

  • JJ’s Vinyl is Hosting a Killer Record Store Day 2022 Event
  • They’ll be welcoming DJ Brett Wolfie with heaps of exclusives and discounts
  • It’s all happening in Chelsea Heights on April 23

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OG JJ’s have become something of a beacon for vinyl connoisseurs in the area, so they recently opened a second outlet inside Hunted Market in Bayswater – both have massive ranges and pride themselves on recommendations so accurate you’ll never trust a Spotify Algorithm again.

“JJ’s Vinyl was launched with a genuine passion to share my love of vinyl,” said JJ owner Jamie Jones. “The business is truly a labor of love, how many other jobs can you listen to and talk about vinyl all day. I believe this is the best physical format in which to experience music. I love playing the latest audiophile pressings to clients and friends and watching their mouths open after hearing the needle drop, you really feel like the artist is in the room with you.

JJ’s Vinyl offers thousands of titles, with a catalog diving deep into audiophile pressings, jazz, alternative and classic rock, hip-hop, metal and electronic titles, to name a few.

Follow their Record Store Day event page for more details and a full list of secure RSD exclusive titles.

In partnership with JJ’s Vinyl.