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Job outlook up, trending towards pre-pandemic levels: JobStreet

  • Engineering-related positions generated the most jobs
  • Four major industries are enjoying a strong recovery

Four major industries semiconductor and wafer manufacturing, electrical and electronics (E&E), IT and IT (software), transportation and logistics recovered to pre-pandemic or even higher levels, according to JobStreet, SEEK’s Malaysian employment platform.

According to its recently released Job Outlook Report 2022 (Malaysia), even the industries hardest hit by Covid-19 showed signs of recovery in terms of the number of job vacancies posted and applications received on the platform.

JobStreet COO Ashwin Jeyapalasingam said the study details job supply and demand in Malaysia to give employers a clear view of future hiring plans.

“It aims to help employers allocate hiring resources more efficiently, better understand labor market sentiment while enabling them to build more optimized compensation systems,” he said.

Ashwin said these four major industries have seen strong recovery and growth primarily due to digital transformation initiatives that have increased productivity and operational efficiency.

The study noted that the demand for semiconductors surged last year due to the digital transformation brought by the pandemic and shortages in the automotive industry.

About 70% of job openings for the semiconductor and wafer manufacturing industry were for jobs in the engineering and manufacturing specialization, with the majority coming from Penang, the “Silicon Valley of the East “, which accounted for 55% of job offers, he added. .

Meanwhile, the E&E industry remained resilient to drive growth in the healthcare, automotive and retail sectors.

Job postings and applications on JobStreet’s platform have grown in tandem to meet this growth, the study points out.

He said engineering-related positions contributed the most to job postings in the sector at 35.8%, with Penang once again accounting for the majority of job postings at 50%, followed by Selangor at 23%.

The growth in the number of job openings and applications in the computer and IT (software) industry reflects the global shortage of IT talent, the study says, indicating that employers may need to attract workers with better pay, benefits and working conditions.

In this case, Jobstreet said Selangor was the most advertised workplace in 2021, accounting for 41% of job openings, with engineering (9.4%) and sales (9.3%) majors attracting the most. more industry attention.

He pointed out that the rise of online shopping has created a myriad of job opportunities in logistics companies and third-party logistics sectors.

Job postings for logistics and supply chain management specializations increased by 48%, accounting for 30% of job postings across all sectors, with positions located in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur accounting for 77% job postings, Jobstreet noted.

Other industries that have shown a more gradual, but still steady, recovery from the pandemic include health and medical, manufacturing and production, food and beverage, retail and merchandise, construction, construction and engineering, as well as banking and finance, he said.

The report also noted that hiring activity has increased with the growth in the number of people in the population who have been fully vaccinated and with the easing of movement restrictions.

Most industries (55 out of 60) saw an increase in job postings in the fourth quarter of 2021, the report notes.

Meanwhile, Gopi Ganesalingam, Director of Digital Industry at Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation, said, “At MDEC, we are continuously elevating Malaysia’s digital ecosystem to meet global standards, while covering stakeholders from government (public) industry (private) and global ecosystems.

“Areas covered are community engagements with entrepreneurs, accelerators, business builders, funders/investors, policy makers – from start-up disruptors to their transformation into unicorns – and job creation remunerative along the way,” he said.

To download JobStreet’s Job Outlook Report 2022, click here.