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Kelowna electronic store owner calls on RCMP to fight crime after series of break-ins – Kelowna Capital News

Security camera footage at Andre’s Electronic Experts on Clement Avenue in Kelowna shows someone breaking into the store on the morning of October 30. (Andre Blanleil / Facebook)

Kelowna electronic store owner calls on RCMP to tackle crime after series of break-ins

Two Andre’s Electronic Experts locations in Kelowna suffered seven break-ins in the past six weeks

The owner of Andre’s Electronic Experts is calling on the Kelowna RCMP to crack down on what he described as “drug addicted and mentally ill street criminals” following a series of break-ins that targeted two of the local stores.

Owner Andre Blanleil said two Kelowna stores have suffered seven break-ins in the past six weeks, resulting in the loss of thousands of dollars. The most recent incident occurred on Saturday morning (October 30) at the Avenue Clément site, prompting Blanleil to post a statement on Facebook.

“I know there are definitely homeless people on the streets, but we also have a BIGGER group of street criminals with mental health issues and drug addicts,” Blanleil wrote in the post.

“Our staff have to deal with this on a daily basis and this is the main reason why we moved our Telus from Avenue Bernard to the new Clément district.”

He called the matter provincial and federal, adding that the RCMP and the courts must “start doing their job” and protect the public.

“We need treatment facilities or prison sentences. Let them choose !!! Doing what we are doing now is not working for anyone, ”he wrote. “I’m probably going to get some negative feedback on this article, but we need some changes. Stop building housing and start building treatment facilities !!!

News from the capital has contacted the Kelowna RCMP for comment and this story will be updated as new information becomes available.

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