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Low Income Energy Assistance: How to apply in California?

President Joe Biden keep trying to help United States‘ after the COVID-19 disaster, as well as the rising cost of gas due to the Russian war in Ukraine.

With the rising cost of living in America, as well as the continued rise in gas prices, American families are really struggling to afford to heat their homes.

That’s why there was a Home Energy Assistance Program for Low-Income Households set up to help families who earn little money.

What is the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program?

LIHEAP is funded by the US Department of Health and Human Services, and it helps low-income households who use a large portion of their income to pay their energy bills.

The program provides one-time financial assistance to help balance an eligible household’s energy bill, while the Energy Crisis Response Program provides assistance to low-income households who find themselves in a crisis situation. , for example one who receives a 24-48 hour notice of disconnection, or termination of service by their utility company.

LIHEAP provides free energy efficiency upgrades to low-income households, which should reduce their monthly bills, while improving the health and safety of household occupants.

How do I apply for Low-Income Energy Assistance in California?

You can apply for help paying your energy bills In the state of California online, using the web-specific tool that allows you to see if you are eligible for payment assistance.

Once you have verified all your details and determined if you are eligible you can submit an application using the online service and once it has been verified you will then receive a one off payment which will hopefully reduce your electricity bill problem. .

This will roll out to other states over time.