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Mississippi House of Representatives Passes Income Tax and Teacher Compensation Bills

The Mississippi House of Representatives took the first step toward eliminating state income tax, voting 96-12 in favor of passage. Speaker of the House Phillip Gunn has been outspoken in his support for the elimination of income tax. He says the Mississippi Tax Freedom Act of 2022 would also reduce the tax on groceries and the price of car tags.

“It puts a lot of money back in people’s pockets. There is nothing wrong with allowing our citizens to keep more of their hard earned money, ”says Gunn. “A bipartisan effort from part of the House, we’ve had Republicans and Democrats who see the value of this rapprochement, made an overwhelming statement that this is something that needs to be done. “

The house also passed a bill that would increase the base salary of state teachers. Republican Representative Richard Bennett of Long Beach chairs the House Education Committee. He says the START law would encourage teachers to start their careers in Mississippi.

“So this $ 6,000 raise will be a huge boost to keep these teachers here, then after that, the other teachers, there is a minimum of $ 4000 for all teachers in this pay raise and a raise.” $ 2,000 for teacher assistants, which is nowhere near enough, but I plan to come back, tackle this next year and increase that as well. “

In the State Senate, lawmakers also passed the Congressional Redistribution Bill which will now go to the governor’s office. Attempts to change the measure to change the borders of the second arrondissement failed.