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My Work in the Restaurant Industry: Mona El-Saytari, Growth Marketing Manager, Minor Figures | My work on food and drink

Last name: Mona El Saytari

Age: 25

Job title: Growth Marketing Manager – UK, US, APAC

Company location: Minor Figures, London

Education: University of Bristol, MRes Sustainable Futures. Oxford Brookes University, BA Business and Marketing Management

Why did you decide to pursue a career in catering? Thinking about it, I haven’t really decided, I just fell into it. My first job was in electric vehicle marketing at a large company and while it was great, it really made me want to work for a company that touches people’s lives in a humble way every day – and what more real and humble than food? Especially during the pandemic, it showed me how, even in the most difficult times, food is where people go to take care of themselves and others, to start a conversation and inspire change .

Tell us about your job in a sentence (or two): I handle digital globally for Minor Figures. This includes our digital campaigns, content and channels, and our direct-to-consumer business.

What does a typical day look like for you? As I work closely with our local marketing teams in London, Melbourne and the US, there may be early morning and late evening video calls. Minor Figures challenges standard business approaches: we don’t aspire to be a ‘normal’ beverage or sustainability brand, and each region has slightly different needs, so it takes a lot of conversation to gain clarity and unity on the role that digital must play. . A big part of my day is facilitating those conversations, getting things done with our creative and marketing teams, and then reporting on learnings and impact.

“It takes a lot of conversation to gain clarity and unity on the role digital should play”

Tell us how you went about applying for your job. I was approached by a recruiter who started the conversation about minor figures looking for support on their digital channels. Most of the process consisted of conversations with the existing team about the brand and its goals. There was a pitch stage where I had to present my thinking on how to assess and leverage current digital production, and finally in-depth discussions with the leadership team.

What’s the best part of working for a food company? The people it attracts! Working in the sustainable food and beverage space in particular is a great way to meet people who all have their own unique perspective on how to use food to connect, educate and delight.

And what’s the biggest misconception people have about working in food and beverage? I don’t really know what conceptions people have. I would say we don’t go out to eat as much as we should (also covid related) but we meet by the coffee machine and fridge several times a day.

What advice would you give to other young people wishing to enter the agri-food industry? Personally, I’ve had the pleasure of working in startups and highly recommend it. If you can get in somewhere early, it can be a little messy, but it’s a great way to get closer to a company’s end-to-end operations and its first customers.

What is your ultimate career dream? I have a great passion for local businesses and am fascinated by the communities they create around them – think cinemas, cafes, local charities. I would love to be somewhere one day so I can split my week between supporting a few different businesses with their growth plans. I’ve always dreamed of becoming a teacher of some form, too.

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