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MyData (my digital accounting and tax application) eBooks

“Through the myDATA platform, tax authorities intend to gain instant insight into the books and records of taxpayers, enabling them to effectively fight tax evasion. »», Says Rıdvan Yiğit, partner and CCO of SNI.

Greek taxpayers and foreign entrepreneurs doing business in Greece will soon be subject to revolutionary demands. The Greek Tax Authority (AADE) has already published all the documentation necessary for the integration and compliance of MyDATA. The regulation is a complete electronic declaration of VAT, corporation tax and accounting data.

“Thanks to the myDATA platform, the tax authorities intend to have an instant overview of the books and books of the taxpayers, allowing them to fight effectively against tax evasion,” says SNI Partner & CCO Rıdvan Yiğit.

In general, all taxpayers are required to meet the requirements for e-books, regardless of their size, as long as they keep records based on Greek accounting standards.

First, taxpayers are required to report sales transactions and their classification data in real time from July 1, 2021. In addition, certain purchasing documents (intra-community acquisitions, imports, reverse charge, retail sales registers etc.) and the classifications of all purchasing documents had to be transmitted electronically to the myDATA platform up to the deadline for filing the VAT return. The classifications include sales and purchases of goods, services and assets as well as expenses.

Invoices issued between January 1 and July 1, 2021 and their characterizations must be declared by October 31, 2021 at the latest.

Income and expense settlement entries for the determination of the annual tax result; depreciation, amortization and accrued charges are declared up to the deadline for filing the corporation tax return (June 30 of the following year).

Finally, payroll data is declared monthly (until the deadline for filing the declaration of withholding tax on wages and salaries).

For e-books, as previously planned, the two basic groups of information of Records (sales ledgers, purchases, payroll, fixed assets) and Summaries (total balances) must be communicated electronically to the myDATA portal. The registers allow the tax authorities to have a clear view of the structure of the taxpayer’s transactions. And the summary register (book) shows the total numbers for a period after updating the detail records.

Currently, electronic invoicing is not mandatory, but it is considered an important part of the concept of electronic declaration. It seems that it is only a matter of time to introduce a full electronic invoicing obligation, on the Italian model.

The SNI end-to-end solution covers all major components in a single SAP add-on solution that companies would not need to seek out for another external third-party job. One software manages all compliance obligations in Greece and globally. SNI Partner and CEO Cem Yurdakul emphasizes that “the SNI solution is capable of doing all the required steps and ensuring that businesses remain compliant. In addition, it saves time and money on business processes.

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