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ncs: more than 1.5 lakh active job vacancies in various sectors on NCS portal: Govt

The National Career Service (NCS) portal has over 1.5 lakh active vacancies in sectors including IT, retail and construction work, the Department of Labor and Employment said on Wednesday. .

More than 26,000 e-Shram recipients have registered on the NCS so far and have started benefiting from the linking of the two platforms, he added.

“The NCS portal has over 1.5 lakh active vacancies across all regions of the country, covering different growing sectors such as IT and communication, wholesale and retail trade, civil works and construction, government jobs, etc. So far, more than 26,000 e-Shram recipients have registered on the NCS and started benefiting from the link,” the ministry said.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, in her 2022-23 budget speech, had announced the interconnection of four portals – NCS, e-Shram, UDYAM and ASEEM – to enable services related to credit facilitation, training and recruitment.

The link between NCS and e-Shram was completed recently.

This link enabled workers in the unorganized sector registered on the e-Shram portal to register on the NCS and seek better job opportunities.

The portal has special windows for people with disabilities, women, work from home, government jobs, etc. It also offers free training modules on soft skills and digital skills to registered job seekers.

The ministry further stated that “A female worker from Vizianagaram got a job in a reputed chemical company as a district manager through NCS. Another female from Palakkad got a job offer as a process manager in a reputable software company in Ernakulam. e-Shram registrants are getting various job offers like Quality Control, Accountant, Agricultural Officer, etc. through NCS.”