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New digital manga store MangaPlaza promises fans value and huge catalog

MangaPlaza is a massive new manga digital store with a localized and personalized reading experience focused on the best experience for overseas fans.

MangaPlaza, a massive new digital store is about to launch, promising to bring premium localized manga to fans around the world. The manga market continues to grow in America and Europe, which was once seen as niche fandom spreading into pop culture and creating the conditions for varied services that meet a now large demand.

MangaPlaza is the latest venture from NTT Solmare Corp, whose digital manga and e-book site Comic C’moA has been an industry leader in Japan and Greater Asia for 17 years. At launch, MangaPlaza is already one of the largest libraries of digital manga content in the United States, with nearly 50,000 chapters and 2,000 titles from top publishers such as Kodansha and KADOKAWA, including fan favorites such as The attack of the Titans, This time I got reincarnated as a Slime, and new titles not previously released in English. MangaPlaza mainly focuses on localized, personalized and reasonably priced service targeting overseas audience, to provide the best reading experience.


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Solmare promoted its new platform with a pre-registration campaign and through collaboration with popular YouTube influencer Akidearest, who provided short reviews of many manga that will be available through MangaPlaza. New users will be offered a 7-day free trial, and those who sign up on launch day (March 1) can also win a $10 Amazon gift card. The monthly subscription fee is $6.99 which gives unlimited access to around 13,000 chapters, or for a nominal fee ranging from $0.45 to $3.99 readers can purchase them individually without a subscription . The first chapter of most titles available in the library, including The attack of the Titans, is also offered free of charge to registered users, with or without a subscription. MangaPlaza announced its services in a YouTube video, below.

The most read manga during the campaign period was Obey me! Comicsbased on the hit mobile simulation game, Obey me!, released by Solmare in 2019, with over 6 million downloads worldwide. MangaPlaza’s focus on a tailored experience aims to provide users with recommended content based on their interests, drawn from a wide variety of genres, including shōnen, shōjo, seinen, josei, and a range of romance.

All titles on MangaPlaza are officially licensed by over 30 publishers, with MangaPlaza emphasizing that the platform supports creators and their work. This is especially important at a time when all major manga publishers have stepped up to fight online piracy. MangaPlazaThe core tenets of will be music to the ears of manga fans when it launches, offering a huge range of titles with a particular focus on giving the media’s foreign audiences the conveniences they’ve spent years trying. to find.

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