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Nigel Gaisie laments the cost of fuel and Kasoa traffic on his job

Nigel Gaisie deplores the economic difficulties

Nigel Gaisie wonders how people who earn 1000 cedis survive

Nigel Gaisie laments how traffic burns its fuel

Prophetic Hill Ministry’s Prophet Nigel Gaisie is known for commenting on social issues as they arise.

He does this for Ghana and/or for Umuofia, a place he has often referred to that resembles the conditions that prevailed in Ghana at different times.

His latest lament is about the cost of fuel and the impact of traffic on the Accra – Kasoa road on his work as a preacher.

Gaisie made the Accra – Kasoa – Accra trip last week to join fellow preacher, Prophet Emmanuel Okyere of the Ultimate Samaritan Queue Chapel International for a ‘RESTORATION’ themed program between the 18th and 22nd July 2022 at Kasoa Tipper Junction.

It appears the engagement is what sparked his July 22 post, which read, “So, for two days. I preached in Kasoa, 400 cedis of fuel can’t get us on this trip***

“…..I’m still in shock, Nigel….400 CEDIS FUEL. Traffic is burning almost half the fuel, God bless my people in these areas, you’re doing very well trying to catch up LIVING LEVELS *NOW*

“….. So those who make a thousand a month, how do they live ******* KMT ….. SMH …… See you in Dome and Kosoa TONIGHT.. POSITIVITY, MAYBE BETTER DAYS ARE AHEAD**..PNG.”

The general rise in the cost of living has been acknowledged by the government, which partly blames the Russian-Ukrainian war and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite the adoption of the Electronic Transfer Levy (E-Levy), the government has started talks with the International Monetary Fund, IMF, for an economic rescue program amid the economic downturn.

General increases in the prices of goods and transportation have affected almost every facet of life.

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