Electronic income

Public Ministry Charges Individuals and Entities for Fraud, Legalization of Illicit Income

The Georgia Public Prosecutor’s Office has filed criminal charges against seven individuals and two legal entities for fraud and legalization of illicit income, the state body announced on Monday.

The body said its investigation established that the “transnational organized crime group” had fraudulently misappropriated large sums of money belonging to citizens of Germany and other countries through a fraudulent “destination center” service. ‘calls’.

Callers posing as “call center” employees would contact their targets, introducing themselves with fictitious names and providing false information about the location of their business, the Service said.

They then offered services related to electronic trading of securities, stocks, commodity assets, currencies and cryptocurrencies using electronic platforms created by the criminal group.

The ‘operators’ assured customers that they would be able to make a solid profit with their help. After obtaining the consent of the clients, the funds allocated by them were placed in bank accounts under the control of the criminal group,” the prosecution said.

The seven individuals risk a prison sentence of nine to 12 years, while two legal entities risk liquidation or restriction of the right to practice, in addition to fines.

The state body said a broader investigation also involved criminal charges against 24 individuals and two legal entities, while extradition proceedings were underway against one person.