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Aven Jones, one of the new contestants vying for the heart of Gabby Windey or Rachel Recchia on the bachelorette Season 19 says he has an “intense game”. Now in this case he was talking about Yahtzee in his ABC biography, but the concept could easily apply to the game of Bachelor franchise, because having a good game could make him a very memorable competitor in one way or another. Here’s everything you need to know about Aven Jones from the bachelorette Season 19.

This season of the bachelorette promises to be more intense than the show’s usual format – will contestants woo both Gabby and Rachel, or choose who they want to pursue from the start? No one knows how this will work (there are a few theories) but based on his biography, it looks like Aven is already used to high pressure environments.

Besides mentioning being a “Yahtzee champion,” Aven’s ABC bio references his time playing college basketball and describes it as “killing the sales game at work.” Like many of the Season 19 contestants, Aven moved to California for work. He now lives in San Diego but clearly loves to travel – his Instagram includes photos from London, Hawai’i and Amsterdam, so he’ll be a pro at all the constant travel that is required to Bachelorette competitors. In fact, it seems he loves traveling so much that he’s made it part of his job.

The work of Aven Jones

Since December 2020, Aven is a territorial account manager in San Diego and Hawaii for e-learning software company Cengage. (I guess his job as a helicopter IG in Hawai’i wasn’t just a vacation flex.) Prior to working for Cengage, Aven worked in sales for various medical device and healthcare software companies.

In high school, and while earning a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Management at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, Aven played basketball. His ABC bio mentions “hooping,” so it looks like he follows sports in his spare time.

Family and hometown of Aven Jones

Aven grew up in a suburb of Boston called Beverly, Massachusetts. Although there is little publicly available information about his family, he *has* a picture on his Instagram of him on the beach. With his mother. If he goes far enough, fans might find out a whole lot more about his family.

Aven Jones age

Gabby and Rachel are five years apart, giving the show’s casting directors plenty of leeway when it comes to the ages of their contestants. Aven is between the two tracks at 28 years old. He was born on November 6, 1993, making him a Scorpio.

Aven Jones Instagram

Aven only has a few posts on IG dating back to 2016, and they’re almost all group party photos. Recently though, perhaps because of his impending surge in subscribers, he’s been posting more high-quality posts. thirst traps.

If you’re a fan of these, you’ll want to catch Aven stepping out of the limo on July 11 for the premiere of the bachelorette Season 19.