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See the deadlines for updating bank details on the income tax website

The income tax period in France is closed for the year but deadlines are still approaching to update your bank details on your online portal.

This is so that you can automatically receive a tax refund or so that the government can take the extra money that is owed, in the event that you have underpaid taxes.

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Many people won’t receive a discount or be owed extra, so this doesn’t necessarily apply to them, although it’s always worth making sure your bank details are up to date.

A rebate may be paid if, for example, you pay an automatic monthly payment, debittowards your annual tax bill and that’s when the calculations show that you should have paid a little less.

If your bank details are not up to date, you should receive a letter from the government with instructions on what to do.

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Tax rebates

In the event that you benefit from a tax rebate, you have until July 1 to ensure that your bank details are up to date on the online portal of the tax site.

Any discounts will, in most cases, be sent to you automatically on July 21 or August 2.

Additional payments

If you still have taxes to pay, you have until September 13 to ensure that your bank details are up to date.

If the amount due is equal to or less than €300, the amount will be automatically debited from your account in one go from September 26th.

If the amount due is greater than this, the money will be taken in four intervals on September 27, October 27, November 25 and December 27.

Updating your bank details

To update your bank details you can either log in to your online account – particular space Where professionnal work place – on impots.gouv.fr. You will need your tax number unless you have configured a connection via FranceConnect.

Then go to the tab ‘manage my withholding tax‘ and choose the option ‘update your bank details‘.

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You can also call a helpline on 0 809 401 401, available Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

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