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Some non-resident digital merchants and service providers have not yet fulfilled their tax obligations in Vietnam | Business

Vietnam’s electronic tax service portal for non-resident merchants and digital service providers. (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) – There is always non-resident merchants and service providers who still need to register, declare and pay taxes to do business on digital platforms in Vietnam, according to the Large Taxpayer Department of the General Tax Department (GDT).

The statement was made after the GDT sent a notice reminding them of the deadline for filing, filing and paying taxes on April 28.

The ministry said it issued tax codes for a number of non-resident digital companies which then fulfilled their tax obligations through an electronic portal (https://etaxvn.gdt.gov.vn) designated for them, while some did not.

The due date for registering, filing and paying taxes for the first quarter of this year is April 30, the ministry noted.

Those who do not meet the deadline will have their names published on the official GDT website and in the media.

Under Vietnamese regulations, non-resident trade and service providers operating on digital platforms are required to register, report and pay taxes directly in Vietnam. They can also authorize a proxy to do so on their behalf./.