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The labor market in Guangzhou is promising and should continue this trend

CANTON – Spoon River Partnership for Economic Development (SRPED) Executive Director Cole McDaniel says the current job market in Canton is good overall: “The job market in Canton is full of vacancies, both at entry and management level. One of many major employers to create jobs during the pandemic, Cook Medical, hired 115 additional employees in 2021.”

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Much like the rest of the country, according to the data, McDaniel said finding employees has been difficult for almost all business owners.

“I think the job market grew after COVID restrictions were lifted only because of the reopening of many businesses that were deemed ‘non-essential’ by the State of Illinois in early 2020 and had to close. for periods,” Mc Daniel said.

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More employment opportunities are on the horizon, McDaniel added, “There are two major industrial projects to be announced in the coming weeks that will add additional employment opportunities in 2023-2024. There are also several small businesses that have just opened or are currently in the planning stages. As downtown revitalization takes off in Guangzhou, several small businesses are growing and opening or planning to open in Guangzhou! Recently confirmed projects include: Arby’s, Casey’s General Store Expansion, Line-X of Canton, Solar & Battery Storage (Vista’s $30 million investment).”

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Revitalization projects have just been confirmed and have started or will start this summer at 29 E. Side Square, 71 E. Side Square and 53 W. Elm St.