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The Law Store Launches Livesign Digital Signature Platform – Technology

The Livesign digital signature and verification platform was launched in Australia, which provides a clear, concise and non-repudiable, real-time signing process.

Built and launched by The Law Store, Livesign secures a signature by knowing who is behind the signature at the precise moment of digital execution.

According to the company, Livesign removes the risk of not having a physical human witness by biometrically linking the person behind the digital signature to their government-issued ID at the time of signing, known as Signer Verification (VOS).

This means that the digital signature cannot be completed by anyone else, making it more secure and less open to fraud than previous processes.

Livesign allows all parties to verify the identity of customers or signers more efficiently and seamlessly, wherever they are.

Ian Hendey, CEO of thelawstore.com.au, said: “Digital signing and digital VOI are no longer just conveniences, they are an expectation, particularly in areas such as conveyancing and mortgages.

“With the explosion of digital processes and automation over the past few years, we have seen a real gap in security, and a gap in the market. Digital VOI only does half the job.

Hendey said The Law Store identified the need for a technology solution that would allow someone to sign a document and prove their identity at the same time.

“That’s why we call it a reimagined testimonial, not a suppressed testimonial. We are increasing the security of the testifying process to provide the security of in-person testimony with the convenience of digital. Indeed, a mobile phone has become the secure witness in a digital world,” he added.

Zeb Drummond, Head of Client Operations at Gateway Bank, said the move to a single signature and testimony solution couldn’t have happened soon enough.

“Gateway Bank has streamlined its customer service, reducing the digital VOI and document signing process from 12 days to five minutes, while mitigating fraud, operational and security risks,” Drummond said.

“Livesign has removed barriers for customers in rural and regional areas across Australia, as they do not need to rely on the postal service or face-to-face verifications when signing mortgage documents . Additionally, Livesign supports Gateway Bank’s goal of supporting Australian pockets and the planet, by taking the paperwork out of the verification process.

Livesign is now available to all Australian organizations as more businesses go paperless, send and sign important documents electronically.