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The Sony Reader Store is alive and well in Japan


Sony has a long and storied history in selling digital content and has been making e-readers for much longer. They first launched their digital bookstore in 2012 and stocked it with eBooks. This store was available in many markets, such as Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. They populated it with bestselling books, the same kind of content you could find on Amazon and Kobo. The company has a web player and a series of dedicated apps for Android and iOS. Sony announced in early February 2014 that Reader Store in the United States and Canada would close on March 20, 2014 and transfer customers to Kobo. As a result, Reader Store is now closed in all markets in which they operated. If you had a Sony e-reader, this was a firmware update that would replace the store with Kobo. In 2019, Kobo sent an email to all users informing them that they would be shutting down support for their store on Sony eReaders and discontinuing it shortly thereafter. Meanwhile, through all this drama, the Sony Reader Store in Japan has still worked, to this day.

Sony launched the Reader Store in Japan in 2012, the same year it rolled it out to other markets. Since Sony is based in Japan, they had an easier time securing the right to digital content. Over the years, the company has added manga, comics, magazines, and light novels. Everything on the site can be downloaded as a sample, which is good if you want to know how good the manga is. They currently have a massive library of 700,000 titles, making it one of the top three bookstores still in existence today. 90% of everything on the platform is in Japanese so if you speak the language and live anywhere you can still buy and read it because nothing is region locked and you can just buy with your own credit card. Content can be read on any Internet browser, which means you can purchase and read content on Kindle and Kobo e-readers. You can install the APK on virtually any smartphone or tablet, including E INK-based devices. However, the APK can only be downloaded from the Japanese version of the Play website, but you can download it from the Good e-Reader app store.