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They had a job to do; I had trees to defend

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I see the world from a different angle. At the end of this week, I will reach the age of 75 – I will have lived three quarters of a century.

When I admit it, being 75 seems ancient. I don’t feel old. I feel like physically when I was 45 or 50. I can still do everything I did back then. I just do it by carrying a bit more weight and taking a few extra afternoon rests.

I sleep well most nights

I don’t really take naps, I just meditate and drift for 15 or 20 minutes after lunch when my schedule allows. I eat less than before but I don’t seem to be losing weight. I feel good. I don’t have a lot of aches and pains, which I understand from some of my contemporaries is a rare thing in someone my age. I have occasional twinges in my wrists and toes, but I pay no attention to them. It took me two weeks to recover from the gaping wound from the spider bite, but I didn’t die and now I feel fine.

I sleep really well most nights, but I wake up for a while and may or may not go back to sleep well. Sometimes I go back to sleep and don’t realize I’ve done it until I wake up from a dream.

I have vivid recall dreams

Speaking of dreams, I learned something interesting this week from the Ancestry email update I received. I did the DNA test through Ancestry a while ago and they send me updates from time to time telling me about additional genetic markers they have discovered as they continue to search for the samples of DNA in their database of which I am a part.

This week they sent me an update on my DNA which indicates the likelihood of you remembering your dreams based on your DNA. Who knew that whether or not you remembered your dreams was based on your DNA?

According to their research, I am one of the rare 20% of people who have a vivid memory of their dreams. I know a man who said he never dreamed. He remembered a single dream in his life that an old woman owed him money.

I too dream in color. I don’t know if it’s rare or not. Sometimes I have prophetic dreams. I once dreamed that someone walked through my dream and said, “So-and-so is dead.” It was many years ago. The person announced as dead was a friend of my brother.

Two weeks later, the person was killed in a car accident. I had other things I dreamed of coming true but nothing else as bad or dramatic. I wonder if everyone does this or if my DNA is letting me know these things too.

I ask what the dream means to them

In addition, I can also interpret dreams. Many of my friends come to see me to help them achieve their dreams. I usually ask the person what the dream means to them and we try to figure out how the things in their dreams are symbols of the problems they are trying to solve. I have read dream books and what each thing means, but some of them seem quite twisted.

Some of them make sense like water being emotions or a fish symbolizing religion or spiritual beliefs. Why does this make sense? Because in the early Christian church, the fish was used as a mark to symbolize Christians. They say that when you dream of someone you were close to who is dead, like a relative, the person on the other side may be watching over you or trying to tell you something.

I know once it was true for me. I was very close to my grandmother. After her death, I dreamed that she was driving a car and playing the piano. What that meant to me was that she was still learning new things on the other side because in life she didn’t drive or know how to play the piano. To me, it was a sign of hope from him that the great beyond isn’t just a place where we sit on a cloud and play the harp. I would like to learn to play the harp because the harp music is very beautiful. I guess enough people think the same, so playing the harp has become the symbol of celestial music. I’m glad that Spinksey, my grandmother, used the piano as a symbol to make me understand instead of the harp, because it made it easier for me to understand what she meant. If she had played the harp, I wouldn’t have understood her symbolism so clearly and what she was trying to tell me.

Other things about dreams that I learned are universal wisdom as understood across various cultures. For example, the ancient Egyptians believed that you should never have an intimate relationship with a person until your spirits walked together in your dreams.

Life is much harder if we spend time worrying

Saying not to get involved with someone your mind didn’t work with overnight is good advice. We would avoid many bad romantic relationships if we remembered this advice. According to elders and dream authorities, there are two main types of dreams – prophetic and problem-solving. More of them are related to problem solving than expected.

Often when we fall asleep with something on our mind, we can wake up the next day with an idea of ​​what to do about it. Sometimes we confront our fears and process them in the dream state and work things out. Sometimes things happen like we’re being chased by something scary like a dragon or a snake. In my case, it will appear as a snake.

In some dream symbiologies, a serpent represents wisdom. It could be something we don’t want to know. In most of our dreams, the snake is a symbol of something we have been taught to fear.

I know my mother did her best to instill a fear of snakes in her children. To this day, my sister says she can’t walk through the tall grass without hearing mom hiss “Snake!” in his ear.

I never paid much attention to mom when she was trying to scare me about stuff and I’m glad of that. Life is much more difficult if we spend time worrying about snakes and other obstacles in our paths that may or may not appear.

Snakes are something we have to live with in the South, symbolic or otherwise. I read somewhere recently that there are many types of poisonous snakes in the United States and all of them can be found in Alabama.

Most of them will leave us alone if we leave them alone. There are only a few who are mean enough to come after us just for fun. It’s like people. Most of them mind their own business unless we disturb them, then they might get upset.

People who have actually decided to cause us trouble are as rare as the water moccasins and cotton mouths we are not likely to encounter unless we invade their space. Guess there’s a reason we call vipers vipers.

Little things mean a lot

As I get older, I don’t seem to dream any less, either awake or asleep. My sleeping dreams are still vivid. My daydreams aren’t as dramatic as they used to be. My desires are simpler. What I dream of doing now is having peace in my life. Little things mean a lot. A nice cup of coffee or tea on the porch equals a trip to a distant place where I’ll do the same thing – find a lovely place to watch the world go by.

This morning as I sat on the porch watching the world go by, I heard this loud noise behind me. It was coming from trucks around my lamp post at the back of the house.

I knew I had power, so I went back there and found the pancake killers about to go to work on my trees. I remembered what they had done to the crape myrtles on Gates Drive, so I was determined they wouldn’t do the same to my trees.

One of the workers called the boss to talk to me. I explained to him that I valued my trees and that I wanted them to be respected. I knew they had work to do but I didn’t want my trees cut down.

The young man told me that the reason it was so drastic on Gates Drive was because the city didn’t properly maintain the trees. We agreed on a compromise

I don’t believe it for a minute because then he said they could only make the cut once every five years under their contract with Alabama Power.

The truth was that if no one spoke, they would chop down every tree in their path because it was easier for them. When I objected, they took the time to do what needed to be done without pancake mass murder.

They had a job to do. I had trees to defend. We agreed on a compromise. They would revert to previous cuts and not go below. Also, they agreed to leave me some of the mulch they made with my trees. We parted on good terms. It was a win-win. One thing I would like our politicians to learn is that compromise is possible.

We don’t have to mow each other down because that’s easier than finding mutually agreeable solutions. We can all get along if we take the time to communicate and listen to each other.