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This North Carolina store is a bargain hunter’s dream

What do AirPods, vacuum cleaners, designer clothes, and 3D printers have in common? These are just a few of the items you could win for $ 5 or less at Treasure Hunt Liquidators. This store is a bargain hunter’s dream in North Carolina. If you live in North Carolina and are a bargain hunter, this store is worth a visit from anywhere. The store is called Treasure Hunt Liquidators and is located near Capital Blvd in Raleigh. Naturally, there are long lines every morning before the doors open.

They get their inventory from stores like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and many other big box retailers. You’ll have to dig, but that’s part of the experience. The store is open from Friday to Wednesday and closes for restocking on Thursday. Prices drop throughout the week. According to their Facebook page, they run:

$ 10 on Friday

$ 8 on Saturday

$ 6 on Sunday

$ 4 on Monday

$ 2 Tuesday

$ 1 on Wednesday

This means that any item you find in the store will be sold at the current price, regardless of its retail value. This is obviously a hit and miss situation, but there can be some amazing deals if you’re willing to take the time to dig and find the gems. The store receives clearance items from major retailers but they never know what will show up each week. And sometimes, they may never even see the items until a customer finds them out of the bins.

According to their website, you can also buy Amazon returns by pallet ($ 500) or even by truck ($ 9,900).

The thrill is definitely there and the benefits can be unmatched. This is North Carolina’s bargain hunter’s paradise! I make fairly regular trips to Raleigh so I’m adding this to the itinerary for my next adventure.

Source News & Observer

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