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Tips for finding a job when you already have one

ORLANDO, Florida. – An August 2021 survey found that 65% of employees surveyed were actively looking for a new job. If you’re considering jumping ship, there are some do’s and don’ts you may want to consider.

“It’s just mentally, it’s tough, it’s exhausting, you know, at the end of the day of your full-time job, you know, because finding another job is almost like a job. full-time in itself,” Bonnie Gisriel-Magerer, the founder of Bpowered Consulting said.

Looking for a new job when you have one can be tricky but doable.

First, don’t tell your co-workers you’re doing research unless they ask you directly. Many companies will let you go if they know you are looking elsewhere. You can also ask your potential employer to be discreet. If you don’t specify it, it will be rumored that you are looking for a new job. Also, do not seek employment with company resources.

“You don’t have to take the company’s time and say, I have a doctor’s appointment. Just be honest,” Gisriel-Magerer said.

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Instead, schedule interviews and calls during off-peak or lunch hours and avoid using your company email or phone number. Be sure to name past employers as references. Most recruiters understand that you are not comfortable with those in your current company. But let your references know that you will list them. And keep working hard in your current position.

“I have to do my best while I, while I’m still here and honor your position, and also also, you don’t want to check and you don’t want to cut ties,” Gisriel-Magerer said. .

Experts say when you plan your job search is also important. August is traditionally a good month to start looking as the number of active job seekers generally decreases. But the number of available positions generally remains stable.

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