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Trio charged with criminal possession; suspect tells MPs that heroin is “his job” | News

According to reports from the Sheriff’s Office, three people arriving at a residence just outside the city limits of Crossville were arrested during a casual encounter / traffic stop and charged with criminal drug possession, according to the sheriff’s office reports.

The incident occurred shortly after midnight on January 4 in the 800 block of Prentice Street.

Those arrested were identified as:

• Ethan Laryn Murphy, 26, E. Welch Ave., Monterey, charged with criminal possession of heroin and tampering with evidence;

• Jason Lee Hargis, 39, Floyd Padgett Lane, Crawford, charged with possession of methamphetamine with intent, possession of heroin with intent and theft of identity; and,

• Stephanie Leann Gentry, 29, Floyd Padgett Lane, Crawford, charged with criminal possession of methamphetamine, criminal possession of heroin and smuggling into a penal institution.

Cumberland County Sheriff’s Assistant Perrianna Evans wrote in her report that she observed a Chevrolet pickup truck driving to an address “to be known as a residence for drug related activities as a result of past incidents and arrests by the police ”.

Contact was made with the driver, identified as Murphy, who said he did not have a driver’s license. He was noticed to have a pouch in his front pocket and when asked to produce it he threw it on the ground and stepped on it.

Inside the bag was found a substance which MPs identified as a powdery substance believed to be heroin.

Sheriff’s Deputy Sam Reed took custody of Murphy at this time.

The second man gave the deputies a false name and was taken into custody for identity theft.

During a search, a sunglasses case was recovered from the suspect’s pants containing what MPs identified as 7.5 grams of heroin and 2.5 grams of methamphetamine.

At that point, the second man admitted his identity and the sheriff’s sub-corporal. Mitchell Ward has confirmed Hargis is on probation.

During the interrogation, Hargis read his warning about Miranda’s rights and waived it.

The report quotes him as saying: “… selling heroin was his job, and stated that Stephanie [Gentry] wrote down all of his sales for him so he won’t forget.

In Gentry’s purse was found a ledger which MPs say was used to document heroin sales.

A syringe loaded with a clear liquid and an electronic scale with white residue were also recovered, all found in the vehicle.

Gentry was taken into custody and told officers she had nothing else on her. During a search of the county jail, a small package of about 1 gram of methamphetamine was found in her bra.

The van was towed away and Hargis was held on an unknown number of warrants from surrounding counties.