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Truck Drivers Examine The Most Influential Factor In Choosing A New Job – Drivers

About 72% of drivers surveyed said the most influential factor when choosing a carrier to drive with is online reviews from other drivers.

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While more than half of professional truckers are not currently looking for a job, those considered the most influential factor when choosing a carrier are online reviews from other drivers, according to recent survey conducted by driver recruitment advertising agency Conversion Interactive Agency and employee retention and feedback company PDA.

For a second year, less than half (37%) of the 1,200 professional truck drivers surveyed said they were currently looking for work, up nearly 3% from November.

About 72% of drivers said the most influential factor when choosing a carrier to drive with was online reviews from other drivers, followed by job descriptions (71%) and online articles and blogs about the carrier and/or driver work (nearly 31%). In job descriptions, most drivers look for information on compensation and time spent at home.

“This is a pivotal moment for the trucking industry. We live in the digital age of driver recruitment and carriers that have not adopted innovative technologies will fall behind,” said Kelley Walkup, president and CEO of Conversion Interactive Agency, in a press release. . “Truckers create online communities and base their career choices on the opinions of other drivers. They use social and digital media to search for new driving jobs, and the technology is constantly changing. »

 - Graphic: CIA/PDA

Graphic: CIA/PDA

According to the survey results, online review monitoring is becoming an essential part of driver recruitment.

“Following up and responding to online driver reviews is critical to the success of any driver recruitment effort,” Walkup said. “Articles, blogs and social media content is an underutilized strategy for carriers today. Drivers consume content online, so why shouldn’t it be your carrier?”

As technology becomes a crucial factor, there is still a strong desire for human interaction during the recruitment process. Nearly 60% of drivers say they prefer a phone call when communicating with driver recruiters during the recruitment process.