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What the latest sports betting survey tells us about bettors, including gender, income and winning percentage

Nearly a quarter of sports bettors who took part in a recent survey believe they win 75% of the time, while almost 40% of daily bettors risk at least half of their monthly salary.

Sports Betting Report released data on a survey of over 1,200 adult sports bettors with information on gender, how often people bet, where they bet and how often they say they win.

According to the survey of American sports bettors, 24% said they placed bets every day and 42% bet a few days a week.

Among those who bet every day, 39% bet at least half of their monthly salary. Most believe that gambling is a source of additional income.

Women are more likely to bet daily than men (26% to 23%), but men have the advantage when it comes to betting a few days a week (45% to 36%).

Casual bettors are more careful with their bankroll. More than half of bettors who only bet a few times a month risk less than 10% of their monthly winnings.

Answers regarding betting outcomes are telling in a player’s mind. Among daily bettors, 24% said they won “frequently”, which was classified as at least 75% of the time. Half of the responses said they win half the time.

No surprise, but football is the most popular sport to bet on.

While it’s believable that a quarter of punters believe they win at such a high rate, the reality is that’s probably not true. To be profitable, a bettor must win at least 52.4% of the bets. For many, 55% is a good year, 60% a great year and 65% a career year.

Eleven percent of daily bettors admitted to rarely winning.

Answers like this are a great example of why being honest with results is vital for sports bettors. Whether it’s a serious bettor who watches the lines every day or someone who invests in weekend bets for entertainment, knowing the real results will go a long way in betting responsibly.

The Action app is a great tool for this with bet tracking and record keeping available for free. Chances are, those 75% winners will have a different response after a month or two of tracking.

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