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Why You Shouldn’t Store These 5 Things In Your Bathroom | Way of life

Variations in temperature and humidity can adversely affect these common elements

There are things that make sense in the bathroom: towels, soap and your toothbrush. You probably store quite a few other things in there, like razors, makeup, and even medicine.

Not all of them should be stored in the same room – where you take hot showers, however. Here are five items you should remove from your bathroom and keep somewhere else, according to some medical and aesthetic experts.


The medicine cabinet is traditionally found in the bathroom. Who hasn’t rummaged through a friend’s medicine cabinet while washing their hands? But changes in humidity and heat can make your medications less effective or even expire sooner, according to MedlinePlus.

Makeup and brushes

By now most people know that makeup brushes are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. These germs are then transferred to your makeup and face. That pesky heat and humidity in the bathroom helps bacteria grow faster. Cleaning your brushes regularly reduces contamination, but it’s also a good idea to store both your makeup and your brushes in the bedroom for hygiene purposes, according to beauty site Byrdie.


Heat and humidity can degrade the scent of a perfume. According to a Fragrance Direct spokesperson, heat “breaks the chemical bonds that give a fragrance its scent. Direct heat is not only bad for fragrance, but it can warp or melt plastic bottles, and even lower long-term heat will break down fragrance.


Moisture and humidity will dull a razor blade causing the metal to oxidize and rust. Unless your razors are in an airtight package, it’s best to store them in a vanity drawer or nightstand.


The humidity from hot showers can damage your cell phone, charger, radio, and other electronic devices. If your electronic devices are not protected against humidity, you must take them out of the bathroom.

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