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Will your tax refund take longer this year?

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Many people may be hoping for a quick tax refund this year, but you should know that the Internal Revenue Service has a backlog of up to 6 million unprocessed returns from of 2020.

“We’re seeing some people getting refunds starting in 2019 when we file paper returns, so you don’t want to do that,” advised Corey Harden, who helps operate King Tax in Savannah.

Like other tax preparers, Harden says the IRS closed for months in 2020 due to COVID protocols.

“Once they reopened in August or September, they started backing up treatment, but they were just working under a mountain of returns,” Harden said.

Another tax expert, Chantelle Davis, told WSAV much the same story.

“We certainly hear that the IRS is still understaffed,” Davis said. “There are probably millions of taxpayers who have not received their refunds or whose taxes have been processed from 2020, and now that we are entering 2021, there are fears that their declaration will be delayed again because the previous statement has not yet been processed.

“It definitely has an impact on taxpayers,” Davis added.

She says when things were shut down due to the pandemic, many mailed in statements could not be processed.

“And then we have these returns that are filed electronically that for some reason maybe couldn’t be done electronically and they had to have some type of manual interaction,” he said. she declared.

Davis advises anyone considering filing to have all documents and W2s in order before beginning the process.

Harden said he still has people waiting for reimbursement from 2019. He also says for those filing, be sure to check your documents. You may have more than one W2 form because you changed jobs or had multiple jobs in 2021, Harden advises.

It also says that if your return is no problem, e-filing is still the fastest way to get a refund.

“Typically it takes about two weeks to get a refund, but it can be a bit problematic this year and take three or four weeks,” Harden said, “But it’s still the quickest way. I said, if we have to do mail, it can take two years, so you definitely want to do an electronic file.

The two experts said the biggest mistakes people make are not declaring all their income or miscalculating. They say even a little math problem can mark your return.

If you are filing a paper return, check your calculations and make sure the return is signed.